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Coconut Oil

We offer a wide range of premium quality Coconut Oil. The comprehensive array of Coconut Oil offered by us is widely known and demanded for its numerous health benefits. For providing hair care, skin care, and stress relief, the benefits of the Coconut Oil can be attributed to the presence of Lauric acid in it. The Coconut Oil which we offer comprises of antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, and soothing properties. Our Coconut Oil is a saturated fat, and has a negative effect on the cholesterol.


  • Hair care
  • Skin care
  • Stress relief
  • Maintaining cholesterol levels
  • Weight loss
  • Increased immunity
  • Proper digestion and metabolism
  • Relief from kidney problems
  • Heart diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Bone strength
  • Reduces risk of having heart disease
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Promotes normal thyroid function
  • Helps to loose and maintain ideal body weight
  • Kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa
  • Has natural antioxidant properties

Packing Available

  • HDPE bottles - 50ml,100ml, 200ml,500ml and1000ml
  • PET Bottles - 500ml and 1000ml
  • Pouches - 200ml,500ml, 1000ml
  • Cans and Tincontainers - 5 litre and 15 litre

Nutritional Facts

Approximate Composition per 100gms when Packed
Calories 900 Kilo
Saturated Fat % by wt 95.60
Mufa % by wt 03.4
PUFA % by wt. 01.0
Cholesterol 00.0
Protein 00.0
Carbohydrate 00.0